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In the moment when he is on the site, the Internet client has the following possibilities,

  • to display the brokerage firms, navigating in the sub menu “Sbks”, with the purpose to contact one of them in order to become its client;
  • to fill in a registration request as RCE’s affiliated member using the link “Create New Account Request”; in this situation it is recommended to be read, first, the terms of use; if the registration request is accepted then, as affiliated member, he will be able to open his own brokerage agency;
  • to display the information from the sub menus “Assets” and “Quotes”; for an easier display of this information the sorting and the filtering may be used.


In the sub menus “Assets” and “Quotes” there are lists that present in the head of the table, after the name of each column, two arrows. In the case of using the up arrow, the sorting of the list will be made increasing after the information from the respective column, and in the case of using the down arrow the sorting of the list will be made decreasing from the respective column.


In the sub menus “Assets” and “Quotes” there is above the list, in the right part of this one, a button “Show Filter”. Using this button, some filtering conditions will appear. After the establishment of the filtering conditions the button “Filter” must be used. After using the filters there will appear near the link “Hide Filter” the attention message “Filtered list!” If the filters resetting is wanted, the button “Reset form” situated on the left of the button “Filter” must be used.